Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Personal Training Day 1

I got kids off to the bus this morning like usual. I had breakfast (smoothie, yogurt, and coffee), then I went to my first day of personal training with Meg. It was fun but I was sore immediately afterward. I did not get my full 20 min cardio in after the workout because I had to go to the Y to intern but I did finish my cardio there. Here is a breakdown of what I did today:

5 min warm-up cardio on elliptical

Full Body strength 2 sets 10

  • Chest
    • Chest press 15 lbs
    • Incline fly 15 lbs
  • Back
    • Lat pull down 60 lbs
    • Low row 60 lbs
  • Shoulders
    • Front Delt 8 lbs
    • Back delt 8 lbs
  • Bicep
    • Curt 15 lbs
    • Hammer 15 lbs
  • Tricep
    • outside rope pushdown 30 lbs
    • overhead extension outside w/rope 20 lbs
  • Leg
    • Leg extension 80 lbs
    • Seated leg curl 80 lbs
20 min cardio (10 bike at IronFit and 10 elliptical at Y)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New gym, new workout plan

I have signed up at a new gym (still have membership at the Y) and also set up personal training with Meg. We had class with Meg when she subbed at the Y. She kicked our butts in a good way. I loved it! Meg now owns her own gym with a couple others. I am supposed to be going to the Bootcamp class at 5:15 am (yikes!) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday BUT Bob has to go in early tomorrow :( I will not be making the class since I have no one to watch the kids but I will be taking the Y class with Mom at 8 like we have been. Meg said it was OK to do that class with the Bootcamp class. That means that I will be getting 2 workouts in everyday! I'm excited!! Bootcamp and Y class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then Personal Training and TKD on Tuesday and Thursdays. This Thursday I can't do TKD because I have to take A to get an ultrasound on her leg.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


It has been awhile since I have posted.  Working 60 hours a week and taking college courses is kicking my ass.  By the time I get home and spend a little bit of time with Nickie and the kids I just want to go to bed.  But no, at 8/9pm it is homework time.  I usually don't get to exercise because of all the running we do with the kids.  Then homework has me up until midnight every night unless I pass out in my book.  On top of the busy home life I had to go into work early Friday and Saturday.  This messes me all up since I have to be there by 3am!!!  I generally have extra snacks and drink too much coffee.  Luckily I have been avoiding the "crappy" snacks so I have not gained weight.  That means I am still on track to win our diet bet.  For now that is the goal, win the diet bet and not go insane working every freaking day.  I'm glad Nickie handles the major chores.  Thanks, love you :)


Mom and I got our morning walk in, our class members were late. We did our hour then left. I went to the Y to do my internship and paid for our TKD class next month. I ate coffee and a banana for breakfast, salad and strawberries for lunch, and milk and animal crackers for a snack. I'm looking into opening a couple money market accounts so we can get money saved up for a house and pay off our student loans in a timely manner. We did eat out tonight but Bob and I shared a sub from Subway. I helped the kids make tie-dye shirts for spirit week next week.

I think the kids are going to have fun for spirit week, it was always my favorite. We are planning on going to the game as well. This will be the first game since we moved here (over 10 yr ago!) that we will attend. Spirit week is: Monday-Favorite color day, Tuesday-Red White and Blue, Wednesday-PJ day, Thursday-Tie Dye, Friday-Wildcat day.


P didn't have a game today because the other team didn't have enough players. I had coffee and a banana for breakfast. I did some chores then had lunch (salad and pizza biscuits). After lunch I took kids to my Mom's to stay the night. While there I snacked on cottage cheese, animal crackers, a pudding bar, pop, and milk. I hate that I always feel like I need to snack like crazy there even though I wasn't hungry. After getting home, Bob and I walked out at Boy Scout Lake. I think he enjoyed it as much as I do. We watched the OSU game and had dinner (sour cream noodle bake). Then we had dessert, an ice cream bar.

I saw something today that I wanted to address....on Facebook I saw a post of a nude woman covering her lady parts tastefully. It did not offend me, she was beautiful in her imperfections. She had posted (for whatever reason) and a commenter had told her "no one wants to see your fat whale ass, go kill yourself". NOBODY should be telling another person to go kill yourself. The poster struggled with depression and attempted suicide previous to this comment. I understand her. I decided that I need to think about myself differently.....I am guilty of saying "I'm fat." I'm not fat!! I have fat in the same way that I have fingernails or hair. I am many things: a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, honest, loyal, determined, etc...but fat is one thing I am not! This is something that DOES NOT define me! This negative thinking gets passed down to our children, I do not want my children to have the negative body image I did (which cause much of my depression in HS). I try now to have the kids eat healthier and exercise more. I no longer tell them "no, you can't go outside. It's too hot. It's too cold". I allow them to play outside no matter the temperature, just like I did as a kid! 

Friday, September 25, 2015


This seems like a restart day after the HORRIBLE day I had yesterday. I did not even count the calories in MFP but I know that it was well over 3,000 and wouldn't surprise me if it was close to 5,000. That is ridiculous and unacceptable! This morning I had my cup of coffee, banana, and last microwave pita crap Mom gave me. Mom and I headed to Boy Scout Lake again, I really love walking out there. Mom said she would never go alone, but I definitely would. I'm not scared. After the walk, I headed home for a quick change before my internship. I learned a little about reporting and how nonprofit differs from profit businesses as far as taxes go (which is the main difference). After I left the YMCA, I came home and ate an early lunch which was a salad. I folded clothes for an hour and there are still more to fold!! We need to keep up on chores, it is soooo hard! Now I'm working on homework and a research assignment from the YMCA (about Affordable Care Act reporting) until the kids get home from school.

Dinner was leftovers (Cheeseburger lasagna). Girls had a soccer game and P had practice. A got mad that the other team kept scoring goals so when she was defender she was DETERMINED not to let any balls get in that goal LOL She came back to me saying she didn't want them to score anymore so she kicked it as hard as she could. She is so funny.

I went to bed early, wasn't feeling well.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


No class this morning due to kids having a 2 hour delay. I had a breakfast pita, banana, and a coffee for breakfast. I have started interning at the Y, which I am so happy and thankful for. I love what they stand for: community. I went to Walmart after to get copies of school pictures, had to wait an hour so I ate out (even though I didn't want to and I could have came home to eat but didn't want to drive on other side of town). I had Arbys (turkey sandwich, curly fries, mozzarella sticks, and a tea). Not good!! I only planned on getting the sandwich and a drink but noooooo. Then when I went back to Walmart to get my pictures I wasn't allowed because they were from Lifetouch and I didn't have copyrights (CD) to them. How do I not have copyright when they are my kids and I bought the picture?! I went home after wasting my time, money, and calories for the day. Now a few hours later I just finished off the box of oreos from making Cookies N Cream fudge!! I hate that I think I need to eat more than one or two! Now my stomach hurts and that is even more calories eaten. I feel like I am punishing myself through eating or something. I am definitely an emotional eater and it is very hard to get over this issue. What's worse is that I know we are going to eat out tonight since we will not be home. I will get the healthiest option for sure. I think I also eat like that when I am alone because I don't when I have an audience. Oh!!! And I forgot about the 2 fudge pops I had when I got back from the store! :( :(

Red Robin for dinner....I had a fiery ghost double burger and "steamed" broccoli with raspberry tea (not sweetened). The burger wasn't that many calories but I didn't care for it. The broccoli was hot but not steamed. I guess they don't know the difference. Raspberry tea was VERY bland not sweetened. We then ordered dessert but took it home, chocolate fruffles (chocolate brownie "fries"). And you know that you have to stop at Starbucks if you are going through Marysville (which we do) so I had a graham cracker latte.